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Individual Champions Crowned in Day Two Of NCGA Championships

Meghan Hargens - NCGA Senior of the Year Watch Complete Gymnastike's Coverage

Complete Results

Springfield, Mass. - March 27, 2010 - Four individual event champions were crowned on Saturday afternoon in the second day of the 2010 National Collegiate Gymnastics Championships at Springfield College's Blake Arena. UW-Whitewater's Justine Weyer won the vault, UW-Stout's Meghan Hargens took first on the uneven parallel bars, Kira Oldham-Curtis was victorious on the balance beam, and UW La Crosse's Gabi Hooper was named national champion on the floor exercise.

Major award winners included 2010 NCGA Senior Athete of the Year Meghan Hargens of UW-Stout (see photo) and 2010 NCGA Co-Coaches of the Year, Barbara Gibson of UW-La Crosse and John Feeney of Brockport, who directed their teams to first and second place team finishes, respectively, last night. It is the fifth time that Gibson has earned this award. She also won it in 1989, 2001, 2005, and 2008. For Feeney, it is the second time he has been named Coach of the Year. He also won it in 2004.

The top six place finishers in each event were named First Team All-Americans. The second six were were named Second Team All-Americans.

Academic All-Americans were named as well. Here is that list. From Brockport, the list included Christina Baggetta, Stephanie Baker, Lauren Gildemeyer, Nicole Horodyski, and Allyson Long. From Cortland, there were Christine Haungs, Jenn Najuch, and Alyssa Neely. From Wisconsin-Eau Claire, there were Samantha Howard, Rebecca Lukanich, Alicia Schaub, and Katie Kooiker. From Gustavus Adolphus, there were Christina Sorensen, and Laurel Urquhart. From Ithaca College, there were Emily Graber, Rachel Lamedorf, Brianne Sullivan, and Rachel Taylor.

From the Wisconsin- La Crosse, there were Gabi Hooper, Kelsey Matula, and Chelsey Luck. From Rhode Island College, there were Liz Glunt and Kelly Longo. From Springfield College, there were Jeanna Bradle, Brittany Davis, Kayleigh Davis, Audrey Lastra, and Lizzie Sartell.

From Wisconsin-Stout, there was Meghan Hargens. From Ursinus, there were Kira Oldham-Curtis, and Gianna Paone. From Wisconsin-Whitewater, there were Justine Weyer, Traci Jo Korte, and Allison Annala. And finally from Winona State, there was Krystin Holody.

Here is the list of today's competitors on each event.
The top six are First Team All-Americans.
1) Justine Weyer, UW-Whitewater -- 9.700
T2) Christina Pagella, Springfield -- 9.575
T2) Sarah Nadrowsky, Cortland -- 9.575
4) Jessica Bolduc, Ithaca -- 9.500
5) Meghan Hargens, UW-Stout -- 9.425
6) Ericca Castagna, Springfield -- 9.400
The second six are Second Team All-Americans.
7) Kahlynn Hunt, UW-La Crosse -- 9.325
8) Chris Cate, Cortland -- 9.100
9) Jenn Najuch, Cortland -- 9.075
T10) Jeanna Bradle, Springfield -- 9.050
T10) Lauren Gildemeyer, Brockport -- 9.050
12) Kira Oldham-Curtis, Ursinus -- 8.975

Uneven Parallel Bars
The top six are First Team All-Americans.
1) Meghan Hargens, UW-Stout -- 9.650
T2) Christina Baggett, Brockport -- 9.300
T2) Kelsey Matula, UW-La Crosse -- 9.300
T4) Katie Thompson, UW-Whitewater -- 9.275
T4) Nicole Horodyski, Brockport -- 9.275
T4) Kira Oldham-Curtis, Ursinus -- 9.275
The second six are Second Team All-Americans.
7) Lauren Corrigan, UW-Whitewater -- 9.225
T8) Amy Taylor, Brockport -- 9.175
T8) Jessica Bolduc, Ithaca -- 9.175
10) Justine Weyer, UW-Whitewater -- 8.950
11) Annie Mix, UW-Whitewater -- 8.825
12) Johanna Warren, Ursinus -- 8.500

Balance Beam
The top six are First Team All-Americans.
1) Kira Oldham-Curtis, Ursinus -- 9.625
2) Meghan Hargens, UW-Stout -- 9.575
T3) Audrey Lastra, Springfield -- 9.525
T3) Katie Gregory, Winona State -- 9.525
5) Kelsey Matula, UW-La Crosse -- 9.475
6)) Danielle Schultzenberg, UW-Eau Claire -- 9.450
The second six are Second Team All-Americans.
T7) Elizabeth Levy, Brockport -- 9.375
T7) Katie Thompson, UW-Whitewater -- 9.375
9) Katheryn Gelimme, Ursinus -- 9.300
10) Naomi Delara, UW-Stout -- 9.225
11) Alyssa Neely, Cortland -- 8.925
12) Christine Haungs, Cortland -- 8.725

Floor Exercise
The top six are First Team All-Americans.
1) Gabi Hooper, UW-La Crosse -- 9.725
2) Lauren Gildemeyer, Brockport -- 9.700
T3) Kaitlin Dewey, Brockport -- 9.550
T3) Kaliee Spusta, Ithaca -- 9.500
T5) Kendra Klein, UW-La Crosse -- 9.525
T5)) Meghan Hargens, UW-Stout -- 9.525
The second six are Second Team All-Americans.
7) Courtney Gonzales, UW-La Crosse -- 9.500
8) Mary-Kate Young, UW-Whitewater -- 9.375
9) Jessica Bolduc, Ithaca -- 9.350
T10) Justine Weyer, UW-Whitewater -- 9.300
T10) Stacie Jenkins, UW-Oshkosh -- 9.300
12) Rachelann Anderson, UW-Eau Claire -- 9.250

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