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Course of Study:

The licensure program combines the courses listed below with a practicum in a school setting for a total of 21 credits (PreK-8) or 26 credits (5-12). Students can opt to take additional credits for a Master’s Degree.

The following outline reflects the sequence of courses students are advised to follow (this is subject to change). [Students in both programs must take all courses unless noted specifically PK-8 or 5-12.]

EDUC 683: Learning Disabilities 3 s.h.
EDUC 656: Language Acquisition & Development 3 s.h.
EDUC 640: (5-12) Behavior Mgmt. for Sch. Children 3 s.h.
(5-12) Literacy Workshop
    (for Foundations of Reading)
0 s.h.
Subtotal: 6/9
EDUC 542: Educ Assess. & IEP Process/Pre-practicum 3 s.h.
EDUC 630: Children with Disabilities 3 s.h.
EDUC 640: (PK-8) Behavior Mgmt. for Sch. Children 3 s.h.
EDUC 628: (5-12) Teaching Reading & Writing in Content Areas 2 s.h.
Subtotal: 9/8
EDUC 673: Accommodations & Modifications of Curriculum
    for Students w/ Special Needs
3 s.h.
EDUC 662: Teacher of Students with Moderate Disabilities
3/6 s.h.
Subtotal: 6/9
Total: 21/26

Optional Courses for Master’s Degree*

RSCH 610: Foundations & Methods of Research 3 s.h.
RSCH 626: Education Research Project 2 s.h.
EDUC 607: Philosophical Foundations of Educ. 3 s.h.
EDUC 619: Contemporary Issues in Educ.
(PK-8) Elective course 3/0 s.h.
Subtotal: 11/8
Total: 23/24


The graduate level initial licensure program has been designed for students who meet the following entrance criteria:
  1. An undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university;
  2. Initial teaching license at the elementary or secondary level or concurrent enrollment in the Elementary or Secondary Initial Licensure Program;
  3. Minimum undergraduate grade point average of 2.50;
  4. Transcript Review for prerequisite courses;
  5. Commitment to the field of education as demonstrated by past experience, essays, interviews and/or reference letters;
  6. Other measures of academic and/or professional development (MTEL score, transcript review, professional experience).
Paid Internships – In collaboration with the Springfield Public Schools, Springfield College Special Education Teacher Licensure Program will offer a limited number of paid internships for prospective teachers interning at the SAGE school. (Contingent upon funding)

SC AmeriCorps Program – Offers eligible students the chance to serve for one year in a Springfield Public School. Benefits of service include a living stipend and a monetary education award from the Corporation for National Service. (This program is contingent upon ongoing grant funding through the Massachusetts Service Alliance.)

Springfield College Graduate School Applications can be obtained online at:
the online application page

For more information about this program please contact:

Dr. Gerard Thibodeau
(413) 748-3663

To request an application for one or more of the programs offering financial benefits please e-mail: teacher@spfldcol.edu

If you have specific questions about getting licensed in Massachusetts as a teacher or administrator, please contact:

Dr. Linda Davis-Delano
Director of Educator Preparation & Licensure
(413) 748-3155

*Other research options available
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