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    Residence Life
    Student Affairs

    Mission Statement

    The mission of the Department of Residence Life is to create a living environment that promotes academic achievement and personal growth.

    This is accomplished through a holistic approach that endorses the Humanics philosophy of Springfield College. The residence life staff is committed to the promotion of the education of the spirit, mind, and body of each student.

    Statement from The Director

    At Springfield College we believe education outside the classroom is as important as the formal learning within the classroom. One vital part of that experience is found living on campus. Because we believe in the importance of the residential experience, all students are required to live on campus through their junior year.

    In addition to being the focal point for making friends, studying, and having fun, your college residence area will be the site of exciting and valuable learning. You will learn to live with a roommate, share living space, accommodate the tastes and preferences of others and respect their needs.

    Residence hall living provides students with a wonderful opportunity to learn about themselves and others and contribute to a community in a meaningful way. Your residence hall experiences will provide some of the most treasured memories of your years at Springfield College.

    Catherine Banks
    Associate Dean of Students & Director of Residence Life
    (413) 748-3102

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    Administration Building
    (413) 748-3102
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