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Multimedia - Advanced Booking

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Faculty may request an advanced multimedia booking on any DVD or Video that is in the library’s Circulating Collection.

Faculty are strongly encouraged to request any Multimedia items at least 10 days before it is needed by contacting Diane Walsh at with details concerning the titles and dates needed.

Regional campus faculty are strongly encouraged to submit their request to Lynn Martin 10 days before the Multimedia item is needed with the specifics concerning where the Multimedia item shall be sent and how long it will be needed.

Multimedia items listed as “Not Checked Out” to another patron will be pulled from the shelf prior to the requested booking date. The Multimedia item will be placed on the "Hold" shelf behind the Information Desk to await pick-up by the faculty member, or shipped to the regional campus prior to the requested booking date.

Multimedia items, currently “Checked Out” to another patron, will be blocked from renewal and/or recalled if item is overdue.

  • First Come/First Served: Multimedia items are checked out to all patrons on a first come/first served basis. Multiple faculty members wishing to borrow the same Multimedia items will have their requests processed in the order in which their requests have been received by the Public Services staff.
  • Privacy: Babson Library protects the privacy of our patrons. Confidentiality is maintained, even if the faculty members are from the same department or the student is in the faculty member's class. Public Services staff shall act as intermediary between the borrower and the requester.
  • Recalls: The recall of a Multimedia item will be initiated only after the current borrower has completed their full 7 day loan, or if the Multimedia item is overdue. Public Services staff shall act as intermediary between the borrower and the requester in negotiating the return of the requested item.

All faculty are required to return any Multimedia items immediately if a Recall request is issued.

Public Services staff will be the final arbiters in all situations relating to the use of the library's Multimedia collection.

Public Services staff shall have the right to contact all faculty requesting the same Multimedia items within a tight time frame; to require the faculty to specify the loan period required; and to establish a schedule of use.

The Public Services staff will work in tandem with the Library Liaisons to find solutions when multiple faculty request the same Multimedia item within a tight time frame.

Public Services staff bear no responsibility for the timely recovery of any Multimedia items for any faculty member, who either waits until 1-2 days before making their request, or makes their request on the same day as they wish to use the Multimedia item in class, only to find out that the requested item is unobtainable due to library policy, regional campus usage, or is unavailable due to patron retention of requested item.

If you have more questions about Multimedia, please Ask the Library!
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