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Faculty - Recommending Items for Purchase

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We encourage faculty members to suggest items that they think the library should purchase for the collection.

Books, Videos, DVDs

Please send requests for books, videos, and DVDs to your liaison librarian. Be sure to include as much information about the item, such as the title, publisher, date of publication, etc., as you can with your request.

Would you like to see a preview copy of a video or DVD? You can request video or DVD previews directly from the vendor.


Please send requests for new journal subscriptions to your liaison librarian. Requests should include the name of the journal and the publisher. It is recommended that you also include a brief description of the subjects the journal covers and the potential audience for it.

The Reference Librarians meet once a year to consider new journals subscriptions. Your liaison will notify you if your suggestion has been accepted and the approximate time the subscription will start.


Please send requests for new databases to your liaison librarian. The library will then contact the vendor and arrange for a trial of the database. Your liaison will send information about the trial, such as how long it will last and how to connect to the database, to your department.

The Reference Librarians meet once a year to consider new database subscriptions. Faculty feedback plays an important role in this decision so please encourage your colleagues to experiment with a trial database and to notify the library of their impressions.

If you have questions about an ongoing trial, please contact Gary Atwood at (413) 748-3504.

More Information

Please refer to our Library Collection Development Policy (PDF) for more information regarding the purchase of materials for the library.

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