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Accessing Online Services -- FAQ

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I cannot access the online databases; what should I do?

First, make sure you are entering your username and password correctly. These are the same as your Springfield College email user name and password.

Instructions for signing in: When you click on the name of a database or other licensed resource, you will be brought to the Springfield College Databases A-Z logon screen, which looks like this. (If you are seeing a different screen, something is not right. Please Ask the Library for assistance.)

Cambridge College students: Contact the Information Desk for information on how to sign in

If you follow these instructions and still cannot log in, please Ask the Library
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I do not have my Springfield College email information. How do I get it?

You should have been mailed your Springfield College email information. If you can't locate this information, retrieve your username and reset your password here.

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I'm not enrolled in a course but I need access to the library's online databases to complete my research. What should I do?

Matriculated students who are eligible to enroll for classes but are not registered for the current semester or summer term and are working on the completion of a thesis, dissertation, or coursework are required to register for continuous registration status with the campus registrar's office. Continuous registration status allows students to maintain use of certain campus facilities, including--but not limited to--off-campus access to library resources.

Contact the Registrar to complete the Authorization for Continued Registration form and pay any applicable fees. Once you have registered, your Springfield College ID number will once again allow you access to library resources. The library can no longer give out temporary passwords to students who are not registered for classes.

Students who withdraw, graduate, or are on a leave of absence are not eligible to access library resources from off-campus. Anyone may use the library's electronic resources if they visit Babson Library in person.

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Do alumni have access to the online databases?

Alumni/ae are welcome to come to Babson Library and use our online databases in person. Unfortunately, licensing agreements with our vendors do not allow us to offer alumni or guests remote access to our databases. Your local public or college/university library may offer similar resources, and a public library card typically allows you to access many electronic databases remotely.

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Are any computer workshops offered in or by the library?

The library does not currently offer computer or research workshops. Librarians are always happy to work one-on-one or in small groups with students who need research help. We also encourage faculty to Ask the Library to arrange a library instruction session for your course.

For computer or software help, please contact the Technology Solutions Center run by Springfield College's Information and Technology Services department.
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How do I get help using Moodle (online courseware)?
Moodle is an online learning management system that many professors use at Springfield College to distribute and collect assignments, discussion topics, grades, etc. Faculty can find instructions and tutorials on how to use Moodle by logging into the system and clicking on the "Moodle Faculty Training Course," which should appear in the list of available courses.

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