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Multimedia - Lost/Billed Items

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Patrons are billed for the replacement cost of each item that they fail to return within 1 full loan period past the due date issued at the time of checkout. The Voyager online circulation system regards these items as Lost.

If items are not returned to Babson Library, patrons will be billed for replacement charges. This page explains how those replacement costs are calculated and how patrons may be able to obtain a credit or waiver of these costs.

Billing for Replacement Charges

Replacement charges will reflect the actual cost for replacing the Lost item(s) whenever possible. When the actual cost cannot be determined, patrons will be billed at the following default rates:

Type of materialDefault Rate
Older videos/DVDs and other multimedia$100.00
Interlibrary Loan items from other schools$100.00

Borrowing privileges, including requests for Interlibrary Loans, will be suspended for any patrons with outstanding replacement charges. Outstanding replacement charges are billed either directly to the patron or through the Springfield College Business Office.

Note: Springfield College students with lost materials may still check out library-only reserves.

Credit for Replacement Charges

Credit for replacement charges on billed Babson Library items will be given for a period of 90 days after billing if the item(s) is returned. Credit for replacement charges on Interlibrary Loan items will be given at the discretion of the lending library for a period of 90 days after billing.

Borrowing privileges will resume with the undamaged return of the billed item(s), payment of the replacement charges, or by providing proof of payment from the Springfield College Business Office.

Waiving Replacement Charges

Springfield College faculty and students may request the billed replacement charges be waived if:

  • A student has borrowed Babson Library materials on behalf of a faculty member using their own student account. The faculty member must return Lost item(s) and email Diane Walsh at to request replacement charges be waived on student’s behalf.
  • Patron has lost Library items due to theft of item(s), book bag, vehicle. etc. Patron must have filed a report with college, municipal, or state police. A copy of the police report is required to obtain a credit waiver.
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