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VHS to DVD Conversion: Library Owned Videos

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If a faculty member wants a library-owned VHS tape to be converted to DVD format, Media Services can do this conversion in accordance with these guidelines:

1. The faculty member gives their liaison librarian information about the VHS in question to help him or her locate it in the collection.

2. The liaison librarian will determine whether the video is available for purchase in DVD format. If it is, the liaison librarian will purchase it, if funds allow.

3. If it is not available for purchase in DVD, Technical Services staff then locate and contact the copyright holder and requests permission to convert the VHS to DVD format for educational use.

4. The response of the copyright holder needs to be documented in writing via email or another method. One of these outcomes will result in the query:

  1. The copyright holder gives permission.

Technical Services staff will fill out the Media Services Authorization to Duplicate Copyrighted Information form. This will be stapled to the documented permission from the copyright holder. One copy will be kept in the Library's files. (Note: electronic file can be retained instead of paper.) The original Authorization Form and documented permission will be sent with the VHS to Media Services. Media Services will convert the VHS to DVD, return both to Technical Services for processing, and Technical Services staff will notify the faculty member when it is available.

  1. The VHS is not available on DVD and the copyright holder will not give authorization to make the conversion.

Technical Services staff will tell the faculty member that the conversion will not be possible.

  1. It is impossible to discern who the copyright holder is e.g., the company is defunct.

In this case, it may be sufficient to have made a good faith effort to locate a copyright holder and having on file sufficient evidence copies of letters and emails, return postal receipts, etc. that a "reasonable effort" has been made to locate the copyright holder in a reasonable period of time. The final decision to authorize Media Services to convert the VHS will be made by the Senior Technical Services Librarian.

Adopted March 20 , 2008

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