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Moodle Virtual Classroom: Frequently Asked Questions (for faculty)

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What is Moodle?

Moodle is a password-protected, web-based learning management system. It is an open source e-learning platform that is used around the world.

Who can use Moodle?

Moodle is available to all Springfield College faculty, including Springfield College’s remote campuses.

How can I get Moodle classroom(s)?

Moodle classroom shells are created for each course offered in a semester. If you need additional classrooms, or if there is an error in the classroom(s) provided for you, please call 413-748-3430 or email the Educational Technologist.

How much work and time is involved to get started using Moodle?

There is a time commitment to get initially started with Moodle. There is both the learning curve to understand how Moodle works and the pedagogical challenge to create and add resources and assignments in electronic form. However, most faculty think that after an initial class is set up, working with Moodle becomes relatively quick and easy and saves a lot of time compared to managing paper assignments and grades.

What is my Moodle username and password?

Your Moodle username and password are the same as your Springfield College webmail username and password. You can change your Moodle password at any time by going into your profile and clicking the Change Password button located at the bottom of the page.

What formats can I use to add presentations or other resources into my Moodle classroom?

Because Moodle is a web-based courseware, virtually any format that can be opened through an Internet browser can be added to Moodle. This includes Microsoft Office files such as Word or Excel, PowerPoint presentations, audio and video files. Moodle can also be used to store your own web pages.

Can I add library resources like magazine and journal articles to Moodle?

Yes. In many cases, you can provide direct links to articles in journals that are available through library databases. For instructions on how to do this, see the following page:

  • Adding Article Links to Moodle.

  • If you need help finding articles and linking to them from Moodle, contact the Educational Technologist (413-748-3430).

    After I have a Moodle class set up, how will my students get into it?

    Students get to their Moodle classes by clicking on "My SC Web" from the Springfield College homepage. From My SC Web, select Moodle. On the login screen, type in your username and password. All the Moodle classes you teach (or, for students, all the Moodle classes a student is registered in) under that username/password will appear.

    What if my students forget their new password?

    You cannot look up a student’s password after the student has changed it. If a student forgets their password, they will have to reset it, which they can do by going to the log in page and clicking the Yes, help me log in button located in the "Forgotten your username or password?" section.

    Where can I get help using Moodle?

    To get help, faculty should contact Thomas Sweeney (; 413-748-3430). Faculty in the School of Human Services should contact Marsha Jones (; 413-748-3983). Faculty and students can also contact the Technology Solutions Center (; 413-748-4872) to get additional help and to have questions about Moodle answered.
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